Event Medical Cover 

With EMS covering your event / assisting other private ambulance firms, you can have peace of mind through the knowledge that should anything happen, trained staff will be there to assist the casualty until they have recovered.

EMS often covers small community events where they require 1-2 people however we have covered some other events.


Some types of event that we regularly cover are:

  • Studio / TV Filming Sets

  • Bonfire & Fireworks Displays

  • Agricultural Shows

  • Fetes

  • Christmas markets

  • Banger racing

  • Fairgrounds

  • Theme Parks

  • Open Days

  • Emergency Rest Centres

We are often contracted to support larger events with other private ambulance firms we get brought in by the medical provider or the organiser.













EMS Major Incident React Project

The Major incident react project has been specifically set up to provide a nationwide response to major incidents within the UK, providing assistance and support in a humanitarian crisis, We have responded to floods & emergency evacuation, assisting with medical at emergency rest centres, major fire incidents covering welfare. 


Some places we have often worked with 


Reviews for Event Cover 

EMS & Valley Care Service

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